Grand LodgeState of New York F. & A. M.
R.W. Arto Vandian  
District Deputy Grand Master
Fifth Manhattan District
Representing The Most Worshipful
Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York
Dates to Remember
   Degrees to Be Conferred
Degree Being Conferred Name of Lodge Date of Degree Time and Place
Second Degree
George Washington #285
March 2nd Doric Room 8th Fl Grand Lodge
Second Degree Carpenter Emmanuel # 588 March 6th Empire Room 12th Fl Grand Lodge
Second Degree Willard Sylvan Grove March 6th Kismet Temple  18 West Nicholai Street
Second Degree Bunting Charity #727
March 8th Doric Room 8th Fl Grand Lodge
Third Degree Scotia #634 April 5th Doric Room 8th Fl Grand Lodge
Third Degree
Amity #323
April 12th Corinthian Room 8th Fl grand Lodge
Third Degree
George Washington #285
April 20th Doric Room 8th Fl Grand Lodge
Third Degree Willard Sylvan Grove May 1st Kismet Temple  18 West Nicholai Street
Third Degree Bunting Charity #727
May 11th Doric Room 8th Fl Grand Lodge
Third Degree Carpenter Emmanuel # 588 June 6th Empire Room 12th Fl Grand Lodge
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5th Manhattan Events
Masonic Education From the Staff Officer
Road to the East

April 23rd 2018    6 to 9pm
Colonial Ante Room 10th Fl
ontact RW Chad Ploth to RSVP  cbploth@gmail.com
  Fifth Manhattan MDC Course Schedule: 2018

  Master's Chair

Presenting Lectures Assignments for the Educational Passport Program
The Educational Passport

A series of lectures to promote travel within the Fifth Manhattan Masonic District. This two year program's subject is the Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences.
Each Lodge within the District will present a lecture one of the Liberals Arts and Sciences as shown below. All Brothers interested can attend the lectures and are encouraged to do so. This is an effort to spread light and focus on increased attendance and travel. When a Brother attends a Lecture below, his Passport is stamped on the corresponding Lodge. Once a Brother completes his Passport, he will be recognized (TBD).
We are committed to presenting the lecture this year ( and next) 2017-2018.
The 2019-2020 program will focus on the three and five steps.
Please be sure to request an Educational Passport from the Secretary of your Lodge.
1 Scotia 634- Lecture on Grammar by Bro. Hunter Shelburne Thursday, October 5th 7:30pm Doric Room 8th floor
2 Carpenter Emmanuel 588- Lecture on Geometry by Bro William Flores Tuesday, November 7th in the Empire Room 12th floor
3 Willard Sylvan Grove 250- Lecture on Rhetoric Tuesday December 5th  7:30pm Kismet Shrine Center 18 West Nicholai Street, Hicksville New York.
4 Amity Lodge 323 - Lecture on Astronomy by Bro. Teddy Andriko Thursday, January 11th in the Corinthian Room 8th floor
5 Bunting Charity Lodge 727- Lecture on Music by Bro. Jimmy Gracia Friday, January 12th 7:30pm in the Doric Room 8th floor
6 George Washington Lodge 285 - Lecture on Logic by Bro. James Gregg Friday, February 16th 7:30pm in the Doric Room 8th floor
7 True Craftsman 651- Lecture on Arithmetic Wednesday, February 21st 7:30pm in the Renaissance Room 6th floor
8 Continental Lodge 287 - Lecture on the Culmination of all Liberal Arts and Sciences by 7 different Brothers Wednesday, March 7th at 7:30pm in the Renaissance Room 6th floor

For More Information on any of the above Events
Please contact the District Deputy Grand Master
or your Lodge Secretary
Date District or Lodge Event
March 20th 2018 Lecture on Places & Stations by Wor. Miguel Filez at Carpenter Emmanuel
March 21st 2018 Masonic Passport Lecture #8  Recap of the Several Liberal Arts & Sciences
(Note This was originally scheduled fot March 7th and cancelled due to the weather. It will be help in the Renaissance Room on the 6th Floor at the regular meeting of True Craftsman's Lodge #651)
April 3rd 2018 "Masons in Baseball" Lecture by RW Cary Cohen at Willard Sylvan Grove
April 17th 2018 Bring A Friend Night Carpenter Emmanuel Lodge
April 30th 2018 Metropolitan Assistant Grand Lecturers’ Association (“MAGLA”) Ritual Competition - to be held  at Masonic Hall.  We have plenty of time, but start encouraging the junior officers and other members of your lodge to consider it. This year’s ritual work will be the Masters instructions to the new EA’s at the altar and VW Jim Roberts can supply the exact passage if requested.  The 5th Dist.will hold its runoff competition in late March or early April, depending on prospective contestants’ schedules.  If you are interested please contact VW Bro. John Sweeney at (931) 510-0023 or johnhsweeney@gmail.com, or VW Bro. Blake Bedoya at (201) 280-1899 or blakebski@gmail.com as soon as possible
June 9th 2018 5th District Testimonial Dinner - Honoring RW Bro. Arto Vandian, DDGM and RW Chad Ploth, GLSO on their return home.  At Fino’s of Wall St., 1 Wall Street Ct., NYC.  Further details to follow in Lodge as to tickets which will be arranged through the JW.  (Flyer to Follow)
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June 22nd & 23rd 2018 St Johns Weekend at Utica     (Click fo Flyer)
For More Information on any of the above Events
Please contact the District Deputy Grand Master
or your Lodge Secretary