Grand LodgeState of New York F. & A. M.
R.W. Arto Vandian  
District Deputy Grand Master
Fifth Manhattan District
Representing The Most Worshipful
Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York
Speaking of the District
From the District Deputy
Grand Master
R:. W:. Arto Vandian

          Freemasonry has many meanings and purposes to our members. Brethren take pleasure in researching the history, allegories, philosophy, meaning and purpose of our Great Organization. For some, the simple experience of becoming a Mason, becoming a member of this Honorable Organization is all that they desire, and for some Brothers, involvement in social events, dinners and collations is what they enjoy.

          Certainly Masonry has many meanings and many purposes for all of us. A chance to be charitable to the needy and the opportunity of improving the society we live in by our impeccable conduct. One of the staples of Freemasonry is that it takes good men and makes them better. But we are not perfect, we can continue to grow and become better men and better Masons through Masonic education. So always strive to become that better person, that better Mason, our work is never complete.

          In this coming year, let us guide those who seek Light. Let us teach those willing to learn, so that they might do the same for another. And let us participate and lead those who look to us, so that they might follow in our footsteps and later seek our advice.

          Memberships change, roles and responsibilities rise and fall. What must rise, grow and never fail, is the unbroken chain of Brotherly Love that unites us and provides immortality in the continuity of our Lodges.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

R.:W.: Arto Vandian
DDGM Fifth Manhattan District
From the
Grand Steward
R:. W:. Chad Ploth
       Greetings Brethren of the Fifth Manhattan District!

As we move away from our summer recess and the sharing of great experiences with family and Brethren alike, we look to return our focus back towards the quarries and our zealous labors.  This fall welcomes the leadership and enthusiasm of eight new or returning Worshipful Masters, and each has embraced the need for our continuing Masonic education in the upcoming 2017 - 2018 year.

The District will present the Masonic Development Course and Road to the East in the fall this year with the support of the Lodges.  Additionally, we will add innovative courses for further studies and enhancement that will benefit the interests of all Brethren in various areas, whether in leadership or the arts.  These will look to inspire new discussions and lectures that may benefit the Lodges.

Please continue to make use of the Livingston Library Reading Courses and look to present a lecture on what you have read.  This will aid in promoting the interest of the Brethren to read and discover more on their own while creating a resource of lectures that may be used in the future.

One of the greatest pleasures in Masonry is discovering more about the Craft and applying the lessons learned in our daily lives.  Continuing to educate ourselves and others makes this possible.  We must look to build on this over the next year and going forward we will see the results benefit the Lodges as well as the District.

As always Brethren, I remain available to you when needed for any additional educational discussions, ideas or questions you may have.  Please refer back to this site to check the upcoming schedule of classes and events.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

RW Chad Benton Ploth
Grand Steward
From the Assistant
Grand Grand Lecturers
V:. W:. Blake Bedoya
V:. W:. John Sweeney

As Assistant Grand Lecturers of the 5th Manhattan District, it is our honor to serve you and assist your lodges with all facets of Masonic Ritual. Our Ritual is one of our fraternity‚Äôs defining characteristics, and its importance in our lives and in Masonry cannot be understated.  Our Ritual serves as a constant reminder of the ancient tenets upon which our fraternity was founded. It is the bedrock upon which we lay the foundations for spiritual building. Ritual re-centers us, opens our minds to higher thinking, and connects us with the Divine.

The lessons of Freemasonry have been passed down to us through a succession of ages in the form of our Masonic Ritual. It becomes our duty to carry this sacred light during our time in order to pass it on to future generations. The work we do is important, and it requires all of us working together to make it happen. As you work in the quarries of your own lodges, we hope you will embrace this rich heritage and work together in the faithful execution of our ceremonies.

As your Assistant Grand Lecturers, we are here to help in any way we can. If your lodge needs assistance in improving its Ritual or if you have general questions about our Ritual, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

V.:W.: John Sweeney
V.:W.: Blake Bedoya

Assistant Grand Lecturers of the 5th Manhattan District